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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brown v. The Board and Liberal Racism Revisited

The demise of democracy, at least as it might be imagined from a reading of the Constitution, was nearly consummated yesterday in the Senate when our learned elected representatives tried to secretly craft a slimy deal to do who knows what, but, certainly, to feather the nest of these vultures, who roost in the Congress and White House. Amidst an uproar from the public they tried their best to pass some phony Immigration Bill that did nothing but allow illegals to remain here, not sign up for anything but welfare and freebies and continue to work or sell dope at their pleasure. There was blanket amnesty everywhere in the bill. Usually, such anti-democratic posturing and law-bending is reserved for other elements of government, way out of their original power base, like the Warren Court of the United States Supreme Court[SCOTUS ] and certain agencies like EPA and FDA.

The bill died missing several votes needed to form even a simple majority from Democrats who defected as the roar of the polis heightened. The eyes were upon them and they faded. On the same day, the SCOTUS tore away a bit of Brown v Board, as it should have. The retorts were loud and clear as the Party of Democrats, having little to do with democracy when they get their way, were as such:

"There is so much left to be done and for anyone to assert that race is not a problem in America today is to deny the reality in front of our very eyes."—Hillary Clinton 6.28.07[1]
Liberalism survives only on their racist mechanism. They want race to be a determining factor in jobs, hiring, contracts, schools and anything else that will appease their victims and give them more votes. This comment from a Saul Alinsky Communist.

"Let me just put this in perspective: If HIV-AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34 there would be an outraged, outcry in this country."—Hillary Clinton 6.28.07[2]

Let me just put this in perspective: Why not substitute the words black African-American males for HIV and put in that 1/3 of them will go to prison and then talk about that outcry Hillary? This already happens. More die in gun battles in our 20 largest cities than all the lost soldiers in Baghdad since the start of the War on Terrorism, which the liberals never fail to defeat piece by piece.
Racism, of course is the heart and soul of the left-liberal movement in America and elsewhere.[3],[4],[5] 

They have little else but to implement their phony social programs, financed by the taxpayers, of course, and then to blame the rest of us for the failure of their ill-conceived and dangerous social programs. They spent 5 trillion dollars on phony social programs since 1950, murdered 20,000,000 babies in the womb and want more and more and more.

So, today we need to look at the left-wing’s maneuvers to circumvent the Constitution and body of laws and use the back room deals and courts to get at the tax base, the central target of all socialists, Communists and related parasites. The Immigration fiasco is over until 2009, but they will still not close the borders or enforce the current laws. They will do nothing and just pout.

The case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) [6] is linked to the Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson. Here the earlier law supported the notion of separate but equal in several cases. Brown I reversed this saying, in effect, that separate was NOT equal and so on and so forth. The details are uninteresting and tiresome to review.

Fine. Now, let us ask: are people really equal? 

The much bashed Bell Curve[7] merely tabulated test scores that showed, and still do, that many minorities just cannot compete on standardized tests and busing, howling, set-asides, race-norming, quotas, sleaze and more cannot produce an equal outcome. No overblown and flowery oratory from any Eastern Liberal can change the test scores that were covered in the book, and they were abysmal. They still are. What the liberals wanted in affirmative action measure was not equality , but forced outcomes that were achieved at the expense of white males, who were not exactly their constituents, especially if the were Christians and had blue eyes and blond hair.

Now, the question is how to change the laws. A brief reading of the Constitution shows us that the Congress has the sole privilege of making laws and the SCOTUS is not endowed with that power, after the British or Roman system we suppose. But, after Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803) [8], the SCOTUS carved out of nothingness such a right. Not only that, but they also conjured up the right to veto laws and usurp some executive privilege in administering civil actions to correct previous errors in law and to corral the miscreants who defied their own actions. This is anarchy in the making. The proof of this is shown by counting the number of lawyers who roam the land looking for fees while they ‘correct’ the law.

The SCOTUS, the only court that counts, is split on this, for an instance, with Chief Justice Rehnquist opining against Plessy v. Ferguson. He was not alone.

William Rehnquist wrote a memo called "A Random Thought on the Segregation Cases" when he was a law clerk in 1952, during early deliberations that led to the Brown v. Board of Education decision. In his memo, Rehnquist argued that "I realize that it is an unpopular and unhumanitarian position, for which I have been excoriated by 'liberal' colleagues but I think Plessy v. Fergusonwas right and should be reaffirmed." He continued, "To the argument... that a majority may not deprive a minority of its constitutional right, the answer must be made that while this is sound in theory, in the long run it is the majority who will determine what the constitutional rights of the minority are." [9]

Not if the liberals can help it! Minority rule, very much favored by the rabid left is known as authoritarianism and they have sacred icons who are heroes of this political sector such as Stalin, Mao and Ho and about 150 examples in Africa. No Marxist dictator has ever been asked to resign by a left liberal and, with no surprise expected, Castro is the Darling of the Progressives. They want to closeGuantanamo[10], which will rate rave applause and wet sloppy bravoes from Castro, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, just to name a few dictators with blood on their hands . Heroes of the left like [Vinegar] John Kerry[11], a known Communist sympathizer, who aided the enemy in time of war and voted against nearly every major weapons program during his sorry tour in the Senate, was selected to run for President and wildly endorsed by the left here in the US, in Mexico and among Marxists around the world. Jimmy Carter[12] is another example of a Marxist Stooge. World wide, he could have secured nearly a billion votes. The entire base structure of the Democrats controlled and wagged by their leftist-most elements would use a Star Chamber to make decisions as they tried to do in the Kennedy offices on Capitol Hill in the Immigration Bill disaster. It matters not to a dedicated liberal or any of their lackeys who use narcotics to ‘feel good’ that they cannot tolerate laws based on majority rule. They have no qualms nor sacrifice the least significant of any scruples when they celebrate as some whiskey-soaked Kazoo-tooter[13] conjures law in the back room along with a pack of Hispanic racists from La Raza[14] and some fingerlings from the White House, the Progressive Caucus[15] or even Code Pink. They have no objection to Rep Jefferson from LA sitting on important committees when he just served with a 16 count indictment for bribery and worse. Then, there is the case of John Murtha of Abscam fame.

Now, none of the mumblings make any sense unless you believe that the courts really can make law from the bench, as some have done. Why try to use Congress, as the ACLU always reminds us, when you can get some crooked judge to rule your way and get another whack at the tax base? The jejune chants in our current ‘law system’ are just that: so much blather by advocates and stooges who try to bend the law.

So, that is where it lies: Can we allow the Marxist-trained cadres and their sycophants to corrupt our system of government?? I say no. We need to defeat these parasites, dumping some Republicans like Trent Lott along the way, and place real Americans on SCOTUS where they can administer the law and vacate most or all of the legal activism since 1950. The next presidential election in 2008 is critical as the next two justices to rot away in their chars are a pair of the most leftist persons ever to be called judges. They must be replaced with people who can interpret what the Constitution means and vacate spurious rulings and dispatch judges who cannot follow the law. George Bush can carry away the errors on his back and see if there is anything left of his ‘legacy.’

These leftist parasites will ruin our country if they can and tax the rest of us out of existence. They will not be satisfied until we are compelled to give up our homes to the ‘poor’ and stand for hours in food lines as they did in Moscow in the late 1980s. California will be the first to go down; Oregon second.

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